You’re super excited that you found a new house. You’re picturing the champagne bottles, changing the paint to that gorgeous shade of gray you love, and sitting on the back porch enjoying a sunset. You forgot about the moving part though, ugh! Consider these tips to making moving a little less stressful.

Move in twos: People tend to procrastinate when it comes to moving day, which adds to the stress. It is easier when you start planning two months before moving day and start packing two weeks before. By starting this far in advance, you will be able to take your time and not stress as you go along.

Make a checklist: It is much easier to remember all the things that need done for a move when it’s written down. Remember you have things to do like changing your utilities over to the new place, scheduling cable and internet installation, updating your driver’s license and billing address, etc.

Treat packing like a marathon: Pack in sections, going room by room. This will keep you from being completely overwhelmed and allow you to celebrate small victories as you go along. Also make sure you label each box as you tape it closed.

Understand your new floor plan: Not all of your furniture will fit the same way in the new house as it did previously. Make sure you measure each room and also your furniture so you will know how it will fit. If it doesn’t fit or you decide you don’t want it in the new house, don’t pack it!

Pack an emergency bag: You will want to have easy access to the things you need right away, like a toothbrush, medicine, and extra pair of clothes. Create a bag that has a survival kit for a couple days until you’re able to get all of the boxes sorted out.

Confirm your moving company reservations: Check in 2 weeks in advance and again the day before so you know when the movers are arriving. Make sure you understand what the movers are going to be responsible for and what items you will need to handle prior to their arrival.

Double check your lease: If you are renting, make sure you look over your lease so that you know what moving day stipulations you may have.

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