Painting is one of the least expensive ways to transform a home in just a few hours, yet so many of us put it off! Many people intend to paint but never get around to it. They are stressed about choosing a color, doing prep work and clean up, and knowing exactly how much paint they need. Here are some tips to help motivate you to get the paint job done.

  • Don’t put off prep work. Though it’s the most tedious process, it keeps you from having major accidents and cleanups later. Though it takes time to get the walls taped and the clothes laid down, it’s the easiest way to ensure the job is done correctly.
  • Cleanup becomes easier with the proper tools. If you’re using latex paint, you can clean your brushes and supplies with soapy water. With oil based paint, you will need a solvent like paint thinner to get them clean. Always lay your brushes flat to dry as opposed to hanging them upside down. You always want to keep some paint for touch ups later, it’s good for 2 years. If you bought too much paint, you should donate to a nonprofit so it doesn’t go to waste! Also, make sure you write down whatever colors you purchased in case you need more in the future.
  • Choose the right amount of paint! A good rule of thumb is one gallon for every 300-400 square feet. Of course this is dependant on the color you choose and how many coats you use. You can always buy more but once it’s colored, you can’t return it. 
  • Focus on the end result! Most paint companies have an online tool where it will show you how a color will look on your walls and with your furniture. Certain companies will let you upload a picture of your room so you can play with paint colors on the walls.

What are you waiting for? Get started on your project today. For more great tips, give me a call at (904) 525-5013.

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