When days like yesterday happen, it reminds you to slow down, think a little more, speak a little less, hug the ones you love, and never miss a moment. At the end of the day, it’s not about how many houses I sold. It’s about how many lives I touched and what people remember me by when I’m gone. I’m so grateful for another day of life. Life is precious and fleeting and messy. These 4 are my motivation, my why, and my best friends. My prayer is that we can all take a step back from our current work stress, parenting stress, financial stress, first world problem, and social media feed…and love on the people that matter most in our world. I pray kingdom work will be higher than any worldly work and that God’s will is done in our nation, our city, and our family’s lives. Lastly, I pray for Kobe’s family and the family of the other victims, may they feel God’s love even through the storm. ❤️