Curtains are one of the most underutilized accessories in home decor. Funny enough, if you are selling your house, curtains might be the exact thing you need to attract the right buyer.

  1. Curtains can block the outside noise. By using linen curtains or plantation blinds, you can block the noise from outside. This also draws the buyer’s attention to the positive aspects of the room so they can start visualizing themselves living there. Make sure you don’t block any of the natural light with your curtains though!
  2. Curtains can hide less desirable room features, like wood paneling or wallpaper. You want to stage the room around the curtains so that it looks natural and flows well. You want your curtains to hang all the way to the floor also.
  3. Using longer curtains can make the space feel larger. By installing curtain rods several inches above the window and having them hang to the floor, it creates the illusion of grand ceilings, making the room feel larger.

When choosing your curtains, make sure you stick with something that flows with the design of your house and doesn’t attract too much attention. This will help buyers really visualize their lives in your house.

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