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Hi, I’m here today to talk about the eight steps to selling your home.

Number one would be to define your needs. You need to really think about what you’re looking to accomplish, what kind of goals do you want to achieve off the sale of your house. Is it to sell your home in a certain time frame so that you can move onto the next chapter in your life? Or is it to maximize your profit? Whatever your goals are, they need to be measurable. You can do this by using a realtor to help you get through it.

Next you’ll need to price your home based off of your needs. Depending on what goal you want to accomplish, you may price your house differently. See my segment on how to price your home for more information.

Next you’ll prepare your house. Start getting ready for the move. Start packing up extra closets, things that have more storage in them. You don’t need all that stuff anymore, so start packing it up. Start making your house look like it’s ready to be shown. You want to your house to always be in a show-ready condition.

Number four, get the word out. You want to use a realtor to determine the best marketing plan to get your home sold. Be sure to ask them questions about what proven marketing tips they use on a daily basis to get houses sold. As you know, the internet is so popular these days that there has to be a proven internet marketing presence. You may have heard of Swip Swap on Facebook. That’s becoming one of the latest ways to use for marketing houses. Remember that the first three to six weeks should always be the busiest. You’ll get the most traffic and the most flow, so you need a realtor that has a proven marketing plan to help you get through those first few weeks.

Number five is to receive an offer. When you receive an offer on your house you want it to be from a qualified buyer. The offer should include the purchase price, any type of contingencies, terms, and conditions. It may include the cost that will be associated with the sale and who will pay them. At this point you’ll be able to take that offer, accept it, reject it, or counter for more suitable terms. Use your realtor to negotiate on your behalf.

Number six, negotiate the sale. You’ll want to use the expertise of your realtor to help you get the most favorable conditions for the contract. You also will receive a seller’s net sheet at this point, which will tell you exactly how much money you’ll walk away with at the end of the sale under the circumstances that you accept the contract as it is.

Number seven, preparing to close. During the closing process there are so many things that go on behind the scenes. There’s normally inspections, surveys, appraisals, title searches. All of this is working behind the scenes. Your realtor we’ll be able to help guide you through this process. This is the time when you’ll really start packing, coordinating your move, and getting ready to close.

Number eight, getting to the closing table. Closing is the legal transfer of ownership from you to the new buyer. Remember to bring all your keys, your garage door openers, mailbox keys, any manuals that might able to help the buyers. Make sure to cancel all your services, your utilities, your cable, things like that.

When you’re preparing to put your home on the market, make sure to write out a features list, things about your house that you absolutely love that nobody else would know unless they actually lived in it. Use those features as a way to market your house for selling points. Give that to your realtor and they’ll be sure to help you make a flavorful description to describe your house in the best possible light. Also, make sure to provide any surveys, existing tax bills, any utility bills, things that a buyer might ask for so that they can fully understand what they’re getting themselves into financially before purchasing your home.