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You’ve decided to sell your house. Now what should you do to get it ready for selling? Start emptying out storage closets, medicine cabinets, your walk-in closets. Make them as clean as possible. The next thing you always want to do is remember that cleanliness is key. The cleaner you can keep your house, the more likely people are going to want to stay there. Even things that you haven’t cleaned in years, whether it be the dusts that’s on the top of the fans, or the window sills that need swept out. Whatever it might be, start cleaning your house as if it was the first time that you had ever walked into it. Remember your first impression starts on the outside. Make sure your lawn is mowed.

Make sure your landscaping looks wonderful. If you’ve got dead flowers consider replacing them or removing them all together. Also, one thing to consider is the front door. So many of us use our garage door to go in and out of our homes that we sometimes neglect our front door. It might be dirty. There could be cobwebs. There might be all kinds of things. Remember that when you’re selling your home the first thing the buyer’s going to do is walk through your front door. You always want to check for leaks in your house. Make sure that there’s no leaky pipes, or that window sills don’t have a little bit of water on them. Things like that are going to turn buyers away automatically.

Do whatever you can to get these issues fixed if they do occur. Go through your house and flip on every single switch. Remember buyers are going to do that as well to make sure that all the electrical outlets in your home work. Also, replace any of your bulbs that might be dim with the highest wattage possible. You want your house to look light and airy when people come in to see it. One way to do this is to make it brighter. If you’ve got old caulk around your sinks or your tubs consider re-caulking. It will become sparkling white, and it will really make your bathroom shine. Always tour your home as a first time home buyer.

If you were to walk into your house as a visitor, what would you say about yourself? You want your house to be as pristine as possible, so that it appeals to as many people. Put your family photos in storage. By depersonalizing the house people are more likely to see themselves living in it. Always remember the power of aromas in a home. If you smoke, or if you’ve got pets, make sure to take care of those odors before getting your home on the market. Also, before a buyer comes to see your house light a small cup of vanilla in your microwave. Heat it up, and then hide it in your house. This will make the entire house smell amazing.

In your kitchen you can always remove small appliances, that way it makes your kitchen look bigger and brighter with the new watt light bulbs that you put in. Be sure to ask your agent for any other tips on getting your home market ready. They’ll be able to help you understand what you need to do to make your house ready to sell. Also, if you’re selling an empty home there are options to get your home staged, so that it can make the best possible impression on people, just ask your agent for more details.